Saturday, November 03, 2007

Not fit for the task

This week I returned home from working away and discovered the next morning that the shower was faulty. It was no longer fit for the purpose it was made for. I was hoping for a rest yesterday, I had only slept in my own bed three times in the previous three weeks, but the shower needed replacing.

I managed to find a bargain and presumed that if I bought one almost identical that I could fit it without too many problems. I duly ordered one and decided to have a go with the help of my son Ben.

I was brought up not being shown anything about DIY and it always makes me feel inadequate when I have to do any. The theory seems easy but application leaves me at a loss. When I lived in my first house after being married I was hopeless. What made it embarrassing was that it was the church manse and as such a public arena. Most of the older men in the church were skilled workers and this made it worse. I was hopeless and only one of these guys, Mr Wills, took the time to get alongside and do jobs with me. There were some funny moments and not so funny moments. In truth looking back I can probably laugh at them all now. The familiar cry during those times was, 'What have you done now?' This was the beginning of my 'DIY' history and like the shower I often feel 'unfit for the task' when I attempt any. Some of us are just not built that way.

Ben and I took our time and began the job after lunch. All went well, we managed to get the old shower off and started to fix the new one to the wall. I then realised that although the water and electricity supplies would be fine I needed to drill new holes through the tiles to screw the unit to the wall. I have done this before so I knew to put tape on the wall to stop the drill bit from slipping but I couldn't remember which drill bit I used. I came to a full stop, realised that I needed to buy a special bit or risk messing things up. Off to Wickes and hey presto the right tool made it easy and the shower was up and running in no time. I could feel a certain amount of pride at completing the job.

I was reminded of how important it is to have the right tools and for things to be fit for purpose otherwise they are useless. Spiritually there was a lesson in this for me. I need to be reminded that if God chose me for a reason He must think I am 'fit for purpose'. The Bible says that we are 'called according to His purpose'. I know that when I have messed up its because I have done things outside of that call, I wasn't made to do them and therefore couldn't do them well.

Often I don't feel fit for His purpose. I sometimes feel that maybe God has got it wrong or that I am doing things that I can't really do and one day the whole thing is going to blow up in my face. I then realise that all I have to be is His tool. A great tool can be right for the task but in the wrong hands its useless. All I have to do is keep submitting and obeying and He will continue using me. I am not great, in fact I wouldn't cross the road to see me but if God speaks and acts through me that's something different.

I am only a great tool as long as He uses me.


Teapot said...

I hope nothing else breaks down just yet!
They say it always happens in 3-s!!!
Welcome back.
Been praying for you, all.
God bless

Poverty to Prophet said...

This was the third! Not that I believe in this kind of thing. First the car glove box jammed, then the tumble dryer incident now the shower. I was mazed that I fixed the shower without losing it. God must be doing something.

Unknown said...

I'm sure the help from your patient and understanding son was a part of it too. :P