Wednesday, November 28, 2007

School Days in France

I am just about to return from France after spending a week with my friends the Hadleys who live in Sorbiers near St Etienne.

Yesterday I went with Wayne to his school, St Paul's, to take part in an English Conversation lesson. I did this a year back and recognised some of the faces of the pupils. The lesson took the same format with me being asked questions about myself, my name, age, where I have been etc.

Last time this happened I was with my wife and another friend, an older lady from the church we attended. A question I was asked was, 'Is this your daughter?' pointing to my wife! There were puzzled expressions when I said it was my wife. The next question was, 'Is this your mother?', pointing to the older lady! It grew worse as we were then asked our ages etc. They couldn't quite get their head around the fact that I was married to someone so young. It caused great hilarity for Wayne and the team visiting France with us.

This time the questions were kinder. Age and name came up but nothing embarrassing. I really enjoyed my time with the class. They were really nice kids and I already have added one of them, Camille, as a friend on Facebook.

I find its much more interesting to visit France and stay with a family. You see the people and country in a different way. I love France and have a growing love for the French. I have found a welcome in this town and enjoy the experiences of being here.

So its off to the airport in Lyon and back to my home country but part of me is in France and I hope to come back again and again and again. My prayer is that this country will find God's blessing and the love and joy that I have found in serving Jesus.

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