Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crazy Solutions

Our 'just out of warranty' tumble dryer suddenly stopped working earlier this year. What with being away for the summer and no longer having the obligation towards a lodger we just left it. I recently started to see washing on airers which really annoys me so I thought I'd look to repair the dryer.

I decided that all a tumble dryer really is is a hair dryer, so I should be able to fix it if I had the right parts. So I looked on the internet and found several sites that provide spare parts. In my searching I discovered a fix for my problem (the dryer one not my personal one). The fixer wanted £1 and in return he would send me an e-mail with the fix. I thought its only £1 and his reviews on E-bay seemed good. I sent the £1 and a while later got an e-mail back. It told me to take the back off the dryer, take this thing called a capacitor out and throw it against a hard surface. I thought I'd been done but decided what the heck I'll do it. It worked! Saved me a fortune.

I just watched a DVD of a sermon by my friend André Pelser called, 'The Man Born Blind'. It tells the story of Jesus healing this man in John 9. André acts out the event and it is very funny, first time I recall seeing someone trying to make clay balls out of sand and spit in church. Then as I thought about it I thought of lots of things Jesus did that if we had been there would have sounded crazy. He once spat into someone's mouth to heal them, he took two fishes and five loaves and fed 5,000 men and many other things.

I suppose to those who haven't experienced it faith seems a crazy notion, putting your trust in someone you can't see and have never met in the flesh. Yet my life has been lived by having faith in this Father God, trusting His son Jesus and relying on His Holy Spirit. In fact I have gone a long way and done a lot of things because of this. I have seen lives turn around and bodies healed and people set free from all manner of things. Best of all it didn't even cost me a £1, it was all totally free.

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