Friday, September 29, 2006

Tribute to Matt

Matt was a dear friend and 'spiritual son' who was recently taken from us in a tragic car smash. I only really got to know him over the past 9 months but it felt that I have known him a lot longer.

I first connected with Matt in a service at my church. One Sunday evening I saw him sitting nearby and I felt that I needed to share something I felt God had said to me for him. Not long after he was e-mailing me about some of his passions and ideas and we became 'acqainted'. This acqaintance grew into friendship and we were soon sharing on a more intimate level.

Matt was an encourager. During my recent trip to South Africa he was texting me and using 'Skype' to pass on scriptures and other words. He was eager to know how I was doing but more than that what God was doing. He loved His God and his passionate faith was infectious.

Our other connection was IT. Our skill sets seemed to compliment each other. We had begun to do some things together and I will miss that. We shared my office for a while, this was a special time. We had long discussions and lots of tea and toast. Our fridge became his store cupboard and that is the place where we will place his photo.

He was more than a friend - he had become a spiritual son. He lapped up what I could pass on and I in return was blessed by his thoughts and insights. I was looking forward to us working for the Kingdom together as well, complimenting each other in our work for God.

He has finished his race, he was ready and even at 30 he has left a wonderful legacy. He touched many lives with his compassion and love. I will always be grateful to have known him, his memory will always make me smile, I knew that he loved me deeply as I did him. I will miss him but I have no regrets. We loved each other and wanted the best for each other so how can I be left with regrets.

My life is the richer for knowing Matt. Thank you Jesus.