Monday, October 01, 2007

AM or PM ?

A couple of times a year I have to have a blood test, its to ensure that some possible side effects of medication I am taking aren't occurring.

Off I trot to the Doctor's a couple of weeks ago and she tells me its time for one of the blood tests. In preparation for the test I have to fast and am given a slip of paper with instructions on that tell me what I am to do..

"Please do not eat or drink anything except water after 12.00pm the night before the test."

I think about this and wonder whether 12.00pm means midnight or midday. Obviously I need to get this right so I decide to be sure and I will fast from midday. My appointment is 9am the next day so it means missing a couple of meals.

Next day I keep the appointment at the surgery and a blood sample, (three vials full actually) is taken. I then ask the phlebotomist what time should I have fasted from. "Midnight" is her reply.

It didn't bother me but did make me wonder if 12pm is midday, as I thought or midnight as they thought so I did some research.

It turns out that it depends where you live. Officially in the UK we observe the standard 12 noon or 12 midnight statements. In the US it is 12pm noon and 12am midnight, but not always! Confused, yes I am too. The article I read said, 'the terms AM and PM are used in the UK but will no consistent meaning'. Tell me about it!

I often find that we can say the same thing but have different meanings behind it. I missed a couple of meals because of it. Not a big deal but maybe in other circumstances it could have cost me a lot more. There is a requirement to be accurate.

I find many people interpret the Bible in different ways and end up using the same words but meaning different things too. How do you avoid that? I heard a phrase whilst ministering in South Africa, 'Aim though the cross'. Does what you have to say stand that test? Does it fit in with the redemptive work of Christ and all that He stood for. I find a lot of our differences in the faith come because we lose the focus of the cross. We then major on minors, things that aren't in the long run going to matter. Behind the act of the cross was love. This shone out of Jesus is what He did and said to people. Sure He came to fulfil things but He also came to get rid of the unnecessary things that created a religious spirit towards God.

The cross speaks of relationship, its about restoring a right relationship with the Father. What do we major on? Are we causing confusion because although the words seem right they don't really aim through the cross and have no love behind them? Jesus said, my yoke is easy and my burden is light'. It should be easy to follow Him not confusing.

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Pro Tools 2020.12 Bayno said...

In my line of work, when I get some that is, time is of paramount importance. All of my voice sessions are booked for 15 minutes and are not to overrun as that costs extra. All morning bookings are AM anti Meridian, and all afternoon bookings are PM post Meridian and midday is 12pm according to Greenwich which still is the standard for setting time too. Avaid anything on Wiki as it idiots put stuff up and idiots marshall it.

I know what you mean about taking things out of context from Bible and arguing about it, quite a few people I know make the bible far to exclusive by stating that only the chosen ones will believe? Predestination? I actually cannot find that in the Bible yet, but I have only been a Christian 20 years and I still have a lot to learn, I have learned so far that Jesus died for "ALL"