Sunday, September 16, 2007


I am currently having a battle with next door's cat. He likes to dominate our garden and as even been known to try and take over the house if we leave the windows open too much.

He wasn't the first cat in the area. A neighbour's cat two doors away used to be the only one and it was his turf. Then 'Ginger' arrived, colour not necessarily name, and war broke out. We would be lying in bed and hear the screeches and wails as they argued about territory.

My latest beef with Ginger is to do with our garden fence. He took to using our fence as a scratching post, problem was he did it so often he wore through the top panel spar and the panel fell apart. The rest of the fence was also ropey and so we replaced the lot with feather board. I thought this would be safe, nothing to balance on and so the scratching days were over. Wrong! I caught him standing on top of the gate and having a go at the feather boards from there. It took several shouts before he moved.

From what I have read of cat psyche this is just the beginning of the battle, the opening salvo. After all to Ginger this is his territory and he has fought to prove that.

As I mused on this dilemma I realised that the problem only arises because of my territorial attitude. That's why the fence is there isn't it. When the old one was removed we were without a fence for a few weeks and I felt so vulnerable. Mind you the old fence was so rickety it provided no real protection anyway. I think the new one if you give it a good push wouldn't be much better. (apologies to my father-in-law for all of his efforts)

So how to defend my fence? Hosepipe, bucket of water, loud shouting, recording of Rottweiler? I need help here. Suggestions welcome.


Pro Tools 2020.12 Bayno said...

If you want to be rid of cat (why I do not understand Cats are just wonderful) then mark the area with a strong cirtic smell, wipe the area with orange peel, cats hate the stuff.

Teapot said...

If you want to get rid of the cat, get one of your own, =He'll then defend the territory for you, and go an pee in your neighbour's garden not his own!!!

Incidentally, I thinl Dave means citric acid! Not cirtic.