Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The next step

In our last worship service Stuart, our worship leader, led us from Revelation 1. Let me explain that we do not have 'planned worship' we wait for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us. The song began and as the Spirit led others took over the singing and we flowed prophetically hearing God's voice speaking into our lives.

In Revelation 1 verse 17 Jesus says, 'Do not be afraid; I am the First and the Last'. In other scriptures He is referred to as 'alpha and omega', literally the first and last letter.

The Spirit began to lead us to sing about Jesus being the first and last. As we sang we became aware that God has been in our lives from day one and will be for all our future. He will have the last word.

The Spirit then inspired us to sing about walking in this and the phrase, 'the next step' was repeated. 'Take the next step, be concerned about taking just the next step'

Duncan was our preacher for the morning, he and his wife Beverly are leaving us for three months training in Cape Town. For them the next step is a big one, leaving friends and home for a new place. I have travelled some of the journey with them and seen them take many 'next steps' that have been painful at times but necessary. God has been with them all the way and is ahead of them planning the next steps they need to take.

Duncan spoke about having contentment in all situations. We can only know this if we understand that Jesus is the 'first and last'. He is in control and that brings peace.

I thank God for His continuous faithfulness. He is always at the other side of the next step we take even if for us it is a leap in the dark. May we all learn to trust Him and be content in Him and find His peace.

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