Saturday, April 14, 2007

It always happens when I am in France

After a great few days in St Etienne Mrs P and I travelled to Honfleur in Normandy. We stayed with friends who run a guest house. The main reason for going was to meet up with Prophet Barbara Smith from Scotland.

On the Tuesday I was told a message had just been left on my mobile. It was my son-in-law telling me to call him. I rang to find out that my daughter had given birth to her second child and my second grandchild, a boy they called Harry.It was a complicated birth and Harry was born three weeks early after an emergency caesarian but mother and baby are well.

My first grandchild, Eloise was also born when I was in France! I am now not allowed to travel abroad within the last month of any of my children's pregnancies, just in case. Do you think there is a reason my grandchildren choose to be born when I am out of the country?

Off to see them tomorrow so hope to post some pictures soon.

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